Protecting The Pros [Infographic]

The Protection Of Footballers

Footballers Mental Health

Sports persons are full of passion for their game and so are the Football players, but then the life of their career is very limited. With age & performance drop the soaring careers come to a fall.

Few take the strides cautiously during their prime years but some succumbs to their emotional turmoil. Few immature decisions … Read more

How to Use Digital Learning Platforms for IIT JEE Preparation [Infographic]

Using Digital Learning Platforms

IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE entrance exam is toughest entrance exam to get admission in various IIT in India.  Every year many students around 5-10 lac are appear in this exam. Maximum students are join reputed coaching institute in India, such as Motion, Allen, Resonance and others. Coaching institute are very helpful for students to get success in entrance … Read more

Inside The Cheater’s Mind: Why Do Students Cheat?

The Students Who Cheat

Cheating Hand

A concept that has existed since tests and examinations were introduced to the educational system, cheating is a practice that people, especially students, are infamous for. In regards to why these students cheat, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking somewhere along the lines of ‘Because they didn’t pay attention in class so now have to cheat … Read more

50 Apps For Tracking Everything [Infographic]

Tracking Your Life With Apps

Phone Apps

Mobile phones have become absolutely integral in the lives of millions of people around the world. One of the chief reasons for this is the endless array of apps that are available to help people communicate, for entertainment and even to track various elements of your life.

These so called life-tracker apps are becoming increasingly … Read more

What Not To Do While Preparing For GMAT To Ensure Success

Preparing For GMAT

GMAT Prep Study

Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT is a doorway to the international MBA program offered by B-schools globally. GMAT is a test this is taken by working professionals from every corner of the world. The moment they settled down with the decision of GMAT, they started to snoop the internet “how to prepare for GMAT?”

In this … Read more

‘How I Knew I’d Lost Control’: Recovering Addicts Share Their Stories

In The Park

No two stories about embarking upon the journey to a sober life are exactly the same. Some addicts have that “a-ha!” moment where they realize the time has come to reach out for help. Still, others only see how lost they are when someone they love confronts them.

But there is one thing all of these stories have in common: … Read more

Deals Clients Obtain From Academic Assistants

Creative Writing is a professional essay writing service in the field of academic assistance. Hardly surprising customers who are  trying to find academic help decide to turn to them.

You are free buy any type of homework assistance and it will be accomplished. Nearly all students face difficulties with dissertations, term papers, research papers, application essays, reports on their own. … Read more

Parents Helping Kids With Homework [Infographic]

Parents helping kids with homework is something required by the American educational system. The reason for this is quite simple – time spent by an average student out of school is about 70%, and studies should constitute a big part of it. And it is one of parents’ obligation to get involved in his or her child’s studying life, so … Read more

Importance of Assistive Technology in Dementia [Infographic]

My name is Alice Lucey and I am Director of Care/Nursing with Be Independent Home Care, a company based in Ireland that provides one to one assistance and support to elderly clients in their own homes to help them retain their independence and individuality. I have put together this infographic called The Importance of Assistive Technology in Dementia.… Read more

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave: Desk

Image by jnyemb

Making the decision to return to work after a long absence due to illness can be a daunting prospect but fear not. With a positive attitude and these helpful tips you will soon be ready to get back to the workplace and make a brand new start.

Take It Slowly

Research has shown that failing to return … Read more