Save Energy and Electricity Bills With Blackout Blinds [Infographic]

Save More Energy And Money On Electricity Bills

Electricity Savings
Are you stressed out because of your electricity bill? And don’t know how to make cut in it and save energy. Then you can start with saving a few like: you can switch off the ac and lights of the bedroom when you are in kitchen or somewhere else. I know it’d … Read more

Preventing Heatstroke In Cars [Infographic]

Recognising & Prevention of Heatstroke

Baby In Car

The summer holiday is still in full swing and some parents still haven’t gotten used to having their little rascals around them all the time even when completing house work or running errands. In between all the hustle and bustle it is important to remember that heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death … Read more

Ways To Prolong Your Bath Fixtures [Infographic]

Keep Bath Fixtures In Good Shape Longer

Bath Faucet Bg Control Fixture

All household fixtures have their lifespan before they show signs of deterioration. For those that are especially constantly exposed to water, continuous exposure can damage them over time. The most common victims of this are other bathroom amenities as they are regularly used and are always exposed to water during these times. While … Read more

Learn To Bake [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Love Food, Learn To Bake

Flour Sugar Baking Soda Salt Cocoa Ingredients

Last week, we explored how many people do not have the basic skills of cooking, so your challenge was to Learn How To Cook. This week, we remain on my favorite topic: Food. Instead of cooking, however, this skill requires more patience and a mix of ingredients, but usually yields … Read more

Learn To Cook [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Love Food, Learn To Cook

It might come as a surprise and a shock to some people, as it did to me, and my survey of my co-workers, friends, and complete strangers, but the truth is: many people do not know how to cook. In a world of convenience, where you can run out to the … Read more

Mini Ice-Age [Infographic]

Preparing for a Mini Ice Age

UK Snow Freeze

According to recent research presented at the National Astronomy Meeting there is a possibility that the northern-hemisphere could see a mini ice-age by 2025. If it does happen it means that countries, including the UK and USA, face some very cold and harsh winters. Taking a proactive approach and preparing now means that you … Read more