No Health Insurance, Free Legal Doctor Advice [Solution]

How To Get Free Legal Doctor Advice

Doctor Online Advice Tablet Medical Information

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you in the court of law. If you cannot afford a doctor, tough luck and better luck next time! Of course, there are Urgent Care places popping up all over the country, and although this has helped many, there are still many … Read more

Rewinding The Future [Health]

If You Could Rewind Your Future to the Past, what would you change?

Author Note: This article is not meant to fat-shame or pick on anyone’s weight. It is an article about the awareness of the health of our future and what we are eating, as well as the conscious awareness of the ongoing weight problems and correlation with fast Read more

How To Manage Stress [Infographic]

Managing Stressful Situations

Stressed Office Worker

The negative effects of work-related stress can start to infiltrate and impact every facet of life. You may have heard the term “work-life balance” and dismissed it as a misnomer since those words could never apply to your situation. It is essential that you learn to manage stress when you consider how it can affect your career, … Read more

Demand For Nursing Educators [Infographic]

Meet The Demands Of Nursing Education

Nurse Educator

As you may know, the healthcare industry relies heavily on the talents and skills of nurse educators to train and educate future nurses. However, there is currently a shortage of nursing professionals. According to a recent study in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, the number of nurses with nursing bachelor’s degrees has climbed Read more

Surviving The Night Shift [Infographic]

Health Risks From Lack Of Sleep In The Workplace

Tired Woman

A 31-year-old Japanese woman recently died from overworking after she logged 159 hours of overtime in a single month. As a result of her death, many are starting to question the ongoing issue of Japan’s work culture. However, Japan isn’t the only country that faces this issue.

According to the International … Read more

Important Benefits Offered By Wearables [Infographic]

Data Communications Via Wearables

Wearables Technology

At one point of time wearable simply meant something that can be worn but the term has changed its definition in the recent years. In the present era, wearables are actually any functioning digital technology that can be worn over the body. It could be a belt that can monitor the flow f your blood or … Read more

Must-Have Free Apps for Working Parents [Infographic]

Working Parents Need These Apps

Helpful Apps Parents

There’s an app for everything these days and this infographic from HappyCleans takes you through ones to help out working parents. How many hours a day do working parents have to relax? When you consider that many of them have a full-time job and also have a full-time job managing the millions of tasks at … Read more

Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Taking A Nap [Infographic]

Feel Free, It’s Nap Time!

Kitty Nap

Napping has gotten a bad rap in our fast-paced society, with revelers being labeled as lazy or unmotivated. However, according to science, our snobbish attitude towards naps is misguided. In fact, embracing nap time may be just what you need to improve your performance at work and overall well-being.[1]

Even brief naps have been … Read more

Protecting The Pros [Infographic]

The Protection Of Footballers

Footballers Mental Health

Sports persons are full of passion for their game and so are the Football players, but then the life of their career is very limited. With age & performance drop the soaring careers come to a fall.

Few take the strides cautiously during their prime years but some succumbs to their emotional turmoil. Few immature decisions … Read more

Is Second Hand Vapor From E-Cigarettes Dangerous? [Infographic]

Dangers of Second-Hand Smoke From E-Cigarettes

E-cigs vs Cigarettes

With millions of users worldwide, there can be no doubt that vaping has become a cultural phenomenon in today’s modern age. In almost everywhere we look, there is at least one person who enjoys puffing their electronic cigarettes. In a society where regular tobacco has become a bane, e-cigarettes provided a way for smokers … Read more