Nuts For Your Dog [Infographic]

Think Twice Before Sharing Nuts With Your Dog

Dogs Nuts Chihuahua

In a previous confession about what dogs can eat, it showed the various foods that your dog can eat or should not eat. It always becomes habit that if you are eating, dogs have a tendency to stare at you. I bet as you are reading this right now, you are … Read more

Is Second Hand Vapor From E-Cigarettes Dangerous? [Infographic]

Dangers of Second-Hand Smoke From E-Cigarettes

E-cigs vs Cigarettes

With millions of users worldwide, there can be no doubt that vaping has become a cultural phenomenon in today’s modern age. In almost everywhere we look, there is at least one person who enjoys puffing their electronic cigarettes. In a society where regular tobacco has become a bane, e-cigarettes provided a way for smokers … Read more

Spending and Saving Money By Budgeting

Budgeting to Save and Spend Money

Goal Planning Spending Plan Budget

Spending and saving money with accordance of planning is known as Budgeting. This advance planning helps you to forecast either your expenses are balanced with your income or not. This will also help you to control your exceed expenses and helps you to maintain balance between both of them. If you are not able … Read more

Tell A Different Person You Love Them [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Spread the Love

Love Family

We often do not say it enough or when we do say it, it almost seems automatic, rather than out of real genuine love. We tend to take those we love the most for granted, saying hurtful things, doing things that might be hurtful, or not making those who matter most a priority … Read more

Give Up A Bad Habit [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Give Up A Bad Habit This Week

Bad Habits Clean

Most of us would never know it, unless we are told about it, but we all have bad habits that we formed either in our childhoods or adulthood. The bad habit could be anything from biting fingernails, to smoking, to eating fast food, to drinking several sweet or sugary … Read more

The Observation of a Pathological Liar

Names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

Everyone lies. Lying is inevitable. There are lies which are technically harmless, often resulting in no consequences. There are also lies that are harmful and can be very dangerous. Lying is not something that many people can do well. Lying can come in many different forms such as … Read more

39 Year Old Chronic Masturbation Addict

Hi all, my name is James and i am a 39 year old chronic masturbation addict. I remember that i started to masturbate every day at the age of 6 when masturbation was just an “unconscious” habit that i did 2-3 times every day to make my body feel good when i had nothing else to do during the day.… Read more

Daily Routine of a Successful Businessman

The way you handle your daily schedule is the first thing to look for when searching for a reliable business partner. The successful businessman is a lone and solitary creature; forced into isolation by the laws and bylaws of business. There are certain things that every man of money and power should do, and accepting those things and learning how … Read more

Are you Passionate about Work? [Infographic]

There are plenty of people who grow up, asked what they want to be, and most of them have a dream job in mind. The majority, however, rarely ever accomplish those dreams, often acquiring minimum wage or low-wage jobs, or in a completely different field than where they really wanted to be, where they may remain working for their entire … Read more

A social worker finally snaps

After years of idealism, I have finally decided that I am sick and fucking tired of helping the disenfranchised and oppressed. I have a master’s degree in social work, and I’ve worked in a number of different settings. I’ve been a social worker for Children’s Protective Services, a therapist on a psych ward, and I’ve worked as a case manager … Read more