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Verena Mei 350z Drift Car

Females Inspiring in Motorsport [Infographic]

Women Who Love The Race

The motorsports industry is in an exciting and fast-paced environment to work in. Typically, it is associated with men but the motorsports industry is slowly changing, losing its male-dominated image and inviting more females to….

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Virtual Reality Future

History Of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Evolution of VR

It’s the first year anniversary of the Oculus Rift and an opportune time to revisit the past of Virtual Reality. The new generation must not even have the fragment of information on the advent of Virtual Reality….

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Garden Rooftop

Ultimate Rooftop Garden Guide [Infographic]

Start Your Rooftop Garden Today!

As summer is over, it’s never been a better time to make a rooftop garden. The weather conditions are ideal, as there’s not much risk of plants dying or drying out from lack of water,….

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Healthy Cooking Saute

Cook a Healthy Meal Everyday [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Cook Healthy Meals

Cooking is a process that takes time and preparation, from figuring out what to eat, running out and buying all the ingredients, preparing the kitchen, preheating the oven or turning on the stove,….

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Best Friends Grayscale

The Loss Of A Best Friend

You would know the hidden realm where all souls dwell. The journey’s way lies through death’s misty fell. Within this timeless passage a guiding light does dance, Lost from conscious memory, but visible in trance. -Michael Newton, Journey of Souls….

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Real Estate Property Home 1

Common Mistakes Property Investors Make

What Are The Common Mistakes Property Investors Make?

Investing in property can be extremely profitable, and for many people this form of investment can provide a solid source of income. However, to maximize profits you must buy property with great….

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Social Media Companies

Are Social Networks Really Needed For My Business? [Infographic]

The truth is that despite social networks infinite possibilities in terms of marketing, certain social media sites are really not worth investing time and effort in as they just won’t produce results, but just because one or two might not….

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Benjamin Franklin Statue

How Would Ben Franklin Give A Commencement Speech?

Now is the time many high school seniors are getting anxious and excited about moving on to a four year school. High school graduation is a milestone in one’s life. Trust me, you’ll hear about it a lot during the….

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