LinkedIn Facts and Stats [Infographic]

Statistics and Facts About LinkedIn

Linkedin Coffee

LinkedIn has become one of the most important networking sites for professionals. On an international scale, 313 millions are using the website (and counting). So whether you’re looking for job or networking opportunities, as well as sales prospects for your business, products and services, you should enhance your profile and maximize your exposure on the … Read more

Why Company Culture Matters [Infographic]

Company Culture and Employees

Company Culture

What separates the winners from the losers in the business world? There are many concrete ways to measure a company’s success: how many people it employs, its annual and quarterly revenues, the value of its stocks to shareholders—often, these are the only things people consider in looking at a business of any size. But perhaps the … Read more

Interviewer’s Guide On What NOT To Ask During An Interview

What Not To Ask During An Interview

Interviewers serve as the company gatekeepers, weeding out unqualified candidates and selecting prospective Business Meeting Handshakeemployees who get the exclusive chance for an interview. As a process of getting to know the candidates, interview questions are helpful ways to ask about the candidates’ educational background and work experience, and to know if they are qualified … Read more

Top Team Building Tips

Unless you work from home or run a one man company, most of your working life will involve working as part of a team. Modern businesses now recognise the importance of team work and the ways in which team building exercises contribute to that team work. This article offers some tips for how you can start improving your company’s team … Read more

Get Creative With Recruitment And Watch Your Business Soar

The recruitment process is changing. What used to be a tedious, repetitive process, has now become something filled with creativity. Not only are businesses getting bored with traditional recruitment ways, applicants are looking for fun and engaging places to work.

Sifting through CVs that contain similar information requires plenty of patience as it is often time consuming. Finding those suitable … Read more