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Global Technology

Old vs. New Graphic Design Technology [Infographic]

Ever-Changing Technology of the Century

When it comes to technology, the human race has advanced far faster and beyond anything they could have ever imagined in the past. From books to big-boxed slows computers with very little memory to….

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Shoe Fetish

Embrace Your Shoe Fetish [Infographic]

An Infographic for Shoe Obsession

This infographic shows how people with a passion for shoes have incorporated them their homes, with a range of gorgeous shoe-stylised furniture and home accessories. Furniture designers have used shoe-forms to make incredible looking pieces….

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Pay Raise Ahead

Salary and Progression [Infographic]

Career Salary Progression

Our infographic shows how experience is linked to salary progression. Highlighting the average salaries from junior to executive, it is easy to see the differences and the gains to be made the more experience you have in….

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Recipe for a Perfect Logo [Infographic]

Making the Perfect Logo Design

Baking a cake sounds easy. You simply follow the directions on the recipe, and voila—cake, but what would happen if someone took the recipe away? Most of us would be at a loss. We might….

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Fasion Designer

Starting a Career in Fashion and Design

Booming Career of Fashion and Design

The term ‘Fashion’ has never been out of fashion in the history of mankind. Fashion has existed and evolved through the ages with the human society. The word ‘Fashion’ has become popular in the modern….

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Stay At Home Work At Home Mom

Confessions of a Work At Home Mom [Interview]

While there are plenty of mothers who can stay home and take care of their children while their husband goes to work, there are plenty of other mothers who do not have that opportunity.  For those mothers who do not….

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Digital Printing

What Is The Importance Of Printing In Marketing?

Marketing is so important to the success of any business and one of the most important ways of marketing is with large scale poster and flyer printing. This is the best way to ensure that your company gets noticed in….

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Symmetrical Attraction

The Psychology of Attraction: How Do We Capture Attention? [Infographic]

How does symmetry impact your visual marketing efforts? Symmetry, along with color and shape, are the key elements determining whether a visual display, whether a poster, graphic banner, or trade show display, are attention-grabbing or cringe-worthy. Colors are a pretty….

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Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

Freelance Graphic Designer

A day in the life of a freelancer is an interesting life. I am a freelance graphic designer and freelance writer and I get requests to do work for people all the time. I will admit I’m nothing like Sarah….

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Freelancing Work

Four Reasons Why Being A Freelancer Might Be Right For You

Unless you are born or married into money, you will need to work in order to survive. You will need to earn money in order to pay your bills, such as mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, etc., and you will have to….

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