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Millennials 2

Why Millennials Perform Better than the Older Generations

Comparing Millennial Performance To Older Generations

Image source: Deposit Photos   The manner in which the millennial generation has come of age has had a profound effect on the way in which they perform on the job….

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Virtual Reality Future

History Of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

Evolution of VR

It’s the first year anniversary of the Oculus Rift and an opportune time to revisit the past of Virtual Reality. The new generation must not even have the fragment of information on the advent of Virtual Reality….

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Women in Sports

Closing the Gender Wage Gap in Sports [Infographic]

Gender Wage Gap In Sports

In the last two decades, society has taken seriously the idea of gender pay equality. In some countries like the United Kingdom, the gender pay gap for women aged 20 to 29 has fallen to….

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Shakespeare Photo

What You Didn’t Know About Shakespeare [Infographic]

Do You Know Shakespeare?

At Super Scholar, we help students get the most out of their educational experience. Recently we have developed a really interesting infographic about William Shakespeare. He would have turned 452 this year, but his works still….

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Baby Boomers

How Baby Boomers Impact Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

Baby Boomers and the Nursing Shortage

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the number of nurses required to provide adequate healthcare increases significantly. The number of people with chronic health conditions is expected to grow from 8.6 million today, to….

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Managing Generations Workplace

Talent Recruitment and Generation X, Y and Z [Infographic]

As baby boomers get set to retire there is not one but three distinct generations waiting to take their place: generation X (born between 1966 and 1976), generation Y (1977 to 1994) and generation Z (1995 to 2012). What defines….

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Recruitment Process

Five Hiring Tips For Warp-Speed Recruiting [Infographic]

Recruitment is changing. The Millennial generation, and those who follow in its orbit, represent a new frontier. They have different expectations for employment, seek different company values and can be successfully recruited in different places than those that preceded them…..

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Firm Paralegal

Life Outside the Fast Lane

I was the poster child for “overachiever” as a teenager. I was on all of the sports teams, in the school plays, a fixture on the high honor role, and even class president two out of four years. I went….

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