The Most Famous And Weirdest Retired Numbers [Infographic]

Weirdest Numbers In Football

Milan Italy

As a mark of respect for a player’s retirement, or as a memorial after their death, many football clubs remove the player’s shirt number the squad. So, we started thinking about which numbers have already been removed by some teams and some of the reasons behind the clubs’ decisions.

Roma fans will be wondering whether … Read more

Funny Football Phrases From Around The World [Infographic]

Funny Phrases In Football

Ashley Williams

All sorts of sports and games inculcate sportsmanship, team work, accepting the win & the loss unflinchingly. But then every game is not devoid of fans and audience and their witty opinions. Football is also not bereft of obsessive fans and their antics referring the players & the Referee decisions during the match.

It is not … Read more

Protecting The Pros [Infographic]

The Protection Of Footballers

Footballers Mental Health

Sports persons are full of passion for their game and so are the Football players, but then the life of their career is very limited. With age & performance drop the soaring careers come to a fall.

Few take the strides cautiously during their prime years but some succumbs to their emotional turmoil. Few immature decisions … Read more

Technology and the Future of Football [Infographic]

Where is Football Headed?

Goal Line Ball

The football world seems completely split on whether technology in football is the right way forward or not. Unfortunately for those who don’t like the idea, technology is starting to creep its way into the beautiful game anyway.

The latest installation has been the trail of video replays, where a referee gets to take another look … Read more

Manchester United In Numbers [Infographic]

Manchester United Football Team

Manchester United Football

Manchester United is one of the world’s largest and greatest football teams of all time, so we thought we would delve into the achieves and check out some of the red devil’s most impressive stats to date.

These include titles the team’s won, records they’ve broken as well as a look at the club’s top goal-scorers, … Read more

Best Super Bowl Reads of All Time [Infographic]

Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a hardcore fan of the Patriots or the Seahawks, or you simply got carried away by the general enthusiasm… it would be a shame not to join the fun!

This event is more than an expensive spectacle that features overrated advertisements; it’s the game that the entire … Read more

The Event Steward

When I was at University, I struggled with money – I mean, what kind of a student doesn’t? Desperate to earn a bit of cash, I signed up to the University’s temping agency and started getting fairly regular work. Some admin stuff here and there, a bit of waitressing and then an event steward.

A few of my friends and … Read more


She had been sitting in the sunny classroom when he got in right before the bell rang and sat in the empty seat beside her. She could not help but notice him. He was so good-looking with blond hair and the blue eyes that caught hers in a glimpse that lasted one second.

The teacher had her grey hair twisted … Read more