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Funny Football Phrases From Around The World [Infographic]

Funny Phrases In Football

All sorts of sports and games inculcate sportsmanship, team work, accepting the win & the loss unflinchingly. But then every game is not devoid of fans and audience and their witty opinions. Football is also not….

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Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United In Numbers [Infographic]

Manchester United Football Team

Manchester United is one of the world’s largest and greatest football teams of all time, so we thought we would delve into the achieves and check out some of the red devil’s most impressive stats to….

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Celebrity Twitter Follower

Direct Connection with Celebrities

Connect with Celebrities on Twitter

There was a time where the only way to get in touch with celebrities was to send them a letter in the mail, usually found in a phone book or searching a public directory listing….

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Read a New Confession [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Read Confessions of the Professions

Confessions of the Professions began in 2013 and has been publishing articles for at least five days a week for the past 2 years. Confessions of the Professions began with confessions, evolving into articles,….

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