No Health Insurance, Free Legal Doctor Advice [Solution]

How To Get Free Legal Doctor Advice

Doctor Online Advice Tablet Medical Information

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you in the court of law. If you cannot afford a doctor, tough luck and better luck next time! Of course, there are Urgent Care places popping up all over the country, and although this has helped many, there are still many … Read more

Confessions of the Professions Resolutions of 2018

“Who Am I? Where Am I Going? How Am I Going To Get There?” – Don Duran


It was a quote from a leadership program I attended in college that changed my life. Before those questions, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted to do, where I was going, or even how I was going to get … Read more

The Truth About Annoying Coworkers [Infographic]

The Annoyance of Annoying Co-Workers

Annoying Coworkers Working with co-workers has always come with its caveats. No matter how many jobs you have had in the past, no matter how many you will get in the future, there will always be at least one annoying co-worker. This co-worker usually comes with a very different personality. They may talk loudly all of the … Read more

Saving Money During the Holidays [Solution]

Money Saving During the Holiday Season

Money Saving

PROBLEM: Every year, towards the end of the year, Christmas comes around, and its a big problem for most of us: We have to spend money on our loved ones, because it is expected, and anything less must mean we don’t love them.

The idea of the holiday season is great because it gives … Read more

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings


When you’re looking for your own wedding and engagement rings, it’s important to choose a set that complements each other and does a good job of representing your style.  For many people, this means using traditional gemstones and settings.  But other couples don’t feel as though the more traditional and staid options … Read more

Top 4 Tips for Starting A Real Estate Business As A Couple

Working Together In Real Estate

Man Woman Business

Living and working together in harmony is a dream many couples have, and that dream can easily come true. There are lots of things you can do professionally with your partner, and all you need is some careful planning, communication, and determination.

Today, we’re going to focus on the real estate business, and how you … Read more

All My Friends Are Dead On Social Media

The Death Of Friends On Social Media

Most Of My Friends Are Dead

The topic of death is not one that I avoid at all. There are several published confessions, from the death of celebrities (Legends in Celebrity Death, Robin Williams, and Leonard Nimoy) to my own two very best friends who passed away. Death is something that all of us will … Read more

The Money Savvy Wedding Plan [Infographic]

Saving Money Even On Your Big Day

Wedding Day Heart

Did you know that an average wedding in the United Kingdom cost around $25,000? It’s more than the income of an annual middle-class family. The expenses for the marriage can add up quickly around 6% off the couple would end the marriage in the budget, 26% couples goes beyond the budget, 23% couples … Read more

Company Spotlight: Confessions of the Professions

Featured Company: Confessions of the Professions

Confessions of the Professions

What is Confessions of the Professions?

Confessions of the Professions is a website dedicated to understanding life in the workplace, jobs, and careers. We all go to work everyday, spend at least, if not more, than 40 hours there. We hang around these people who, although we think of as strangers, are technically our … Read more

12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast [Infographic]

What To Do Before Breakfast To Be Successful

Before Breakfast Meditate Clear Minds

If many of us were honest with ourselves, we would agree that we probably don’t make the most of our time in a morning.

In fact, a recent study reported on made clear how much time we waste by simply hitting the snooze button. The research showed that in the US … Read more