The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs [Slideshow]

Importance Of Recognition By Peers

Peer Recognition Feedback

Boosting productivity is at the top of every business’s priorities. Although there are many resources that businesses can use to encourage productivity and improve their competitiveness, too many of them think they need to look outside the organization for help. The truth, however, is that businesses already have the resources in place to boost their … Read more

Internal Communications: Measurement & Strategy [Infographic]

Using Strategy And Measurement To Break The Barriers To Internal Communication

Internal Communication Plan

Effective employee communication matters. It matters to your employees, it matters to your managers and it matters to your shareholders. Research conducted by the HayGroup showed companies with engaged employees generate 50% more returns for stakeholders than their competitors. Effective communication and financial performance are strongly related. According to … Read more

Agile Training and Scrum Meetings For Workplace Productivity

How Agile Training and Scrum Meetings Can Increase the Productivity in your Workplace

Datrix Courses

Many companies must deal with rapidly changing requirements and using a systematic approach allows companies to handle this with ease.  Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile training software development framework for managing product development. Scrum helps companies:

  • Control schedules with ease
  • Estimate more effectively
  • Increase quality
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Why Company Culture Matters [Infographic]

Company Culture and Employees

Company Culture

What separates the winners from the losers in the business world? There are many concrete ways to measure a company’s success: how many people it employs, its annual and quarterly revenues, the value of its stocks to shareholders—often, these are the only things people consider in looking at a business of any size. But perhaps the … Read more

High Cost Of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

High Business Costs Due To Disengaged Employees

Unhappy Employee

Anyone who’s ever been disengaged at work knows the symptoms: unhappiness, lack of motivation, decrease in creativity and productivity, a high level of apathy, and feeling like “a cog in the machine”. It’s clear that low engagement can dramatically affect the health and happiness of an employee, but just how much does it … Read more

Engagement Drivers That Motivate Employees [Infographic]

Engagement Employees Meeting

Employee engagement can be difficult to define or describe and people have different views and opinions. If we had to use one word to define employee engagement it would be “CARING”! Caring about performance and results, about company goals and objectives, about clients, about colleagues and caring about the success of the business.

Engagement is “A strong, positive emotional connection … Read more