Disengaged Employees [Infographic]

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

Disengaged Employee

Do employers hire employees who are already disengaged or do the employees who were hired later become disengaged after working at the company for some time? Obviously, an employee is engaged enough to work on their cover letter, resume, and actually seek out a job pertaining to their interests, and put on some nice … Read more

8 Hints to Get Your Resume Noticed

Getting Your Resume Noticed

Resume Photo

If you are very skilled and experienced, there are probably many other people like you looking for a job on the job market right now. And if you are a student who’s just graduated, or a professional wanting to switch fields and try something completely different, this could become even more challenging for you. Either way, … Read more

5 Signs Its Time To Start Your Resume Over From Scratch

Is It Time To Redo Your Resume?

Blank Resume Template

It’s surprisingly common to see people submit their resumes for different job vacancies only to receive polite rejection letters or they are completely ignored. Some don’t get any response at all. If a job applicant is experiencing such a challenge, there is likelihood that he or she is making some serious mistakes when … Read more

Signs You Made the Wrong Hire [Infographic]

Hiring The Wrong Employee

Avoid Bad Hire In Your Business

Finding the right employees for your company can be difficult. In order to make sure a candidate is a right fit, it is a good idea to include multiple people in the hiring process to get a spectrum of opinions and to test the candidate with a project similar to what they’ll actually be doing. No … Read more

Importance of Soft Skills for Managing People

Successful Skills To Manage People

Skills Learning To Manage People

While the technical and all other skills are important in leading to any job today, it seems that some other, smaller skills are forgotten or undervalued. Some of them are not just mentioned in any lesson in holding the company and many people, even they work with the other people, haven’t realized how important is … Read more

Career in Construction [Infographic]

Kick-starting Your Career In Construction

Nikki Santiago, an apprentice carpenter with Wildish Standard Paving Co. and a member of Carpenters Local 156, cuts pieces for concrete slab formwork at the site of the Southwest Iowa Street Viaduct Replacement project in Portland on Tuesday.

Construction is one of the booming industries in the UK. Reports from CITB predict that over 230,000 jobs will be created in the construction industry over the course of five years.

Apprentices in the construction industry earn and learn, while in full time employment. With average wage of £170 per week and are able to … Read more

3 Ways to Know Your Employer Better

Get To Know Your Employer

Thinking Woman at Desk

People who are currently in the stage of their job search, may hardly know anything about their employer, but all the same, nothing stops them from thinking that it’s all going successfully. Well, they’ve used some help with resume writing, received a perfect resume and now it seems like they’re 100% ready to hit … Read more

Working With Recruitment Agents

How To Work With Recruitment Agents

Recruitment Agency

For many of us, seeking out new employment means different things. Most will search in the area in which they already reside, whereas others will look a bit further afield, probably found through some sort of online search. Your local recruitment agency doesn’t need to be confided to the local job centre or newspaper … Read more

Accidents At Work [Infographic]

Accidents While At Work

Tractor Accident

With more than five thousand people dying as a result of a work-related accident last year all over Europe, it’s important to know your rights. As outlined in the infographic below, created by Hussey Fraser, the most common accident type are slips, trips and falls. Slips, trips and falls often happen as a result of … Read more

High Cost Of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

High Business Costs Due To Disengaged Employees

Unhappy Employee

Anyone who’s ever been disengaged at work knows the symptoms: unhappiness, lack of motivation, decrease in creativity and productivity, a high level of apathy, and feeling like “a cog in the machine”. It’s clear that low engagement can dramatically affect the health and happiness of an employee, but just how much does it … Read more