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Child Discipline

Tips To Handle Anger At Your Child

How To Keep Your Cool Around Your Child

More often than not, every parent gets angry at their child. It may be that your child isn’t listening to you when you have strictly advised him against doing a particular thing….

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Hiking Safety

Safety in the Lakes [Infographic]

How To Stay Safe When Swimming In The Lakes

With approximately 16 million visitors each year The Lake District is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Many of the visitors come to walk, hike and enjoy the magnificence of the….

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Baby First Aid CPR

First Aid for Babies [Infographic]

Handling Emergency Situations with Babies

Babies might be tiny, but they have the power to turn their parent’s world upside down. Being a parent isn’t something that you learn right away, it is something that you learn….

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Wheelchair User Assisted Evacuation

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities [Infographic]

Disabilities and Fire Evacuation Safety Guide

Fire is a thing that must not be taken lightly. In the United States alone, it kills roughly 3,400 people every year, while injuring more than 16,000 and causing property damage in excess of….

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Employees (and Customers) Must Wash Hands

Food is really amazing. The taste, the salivating feeling you get in your mouth as you look at what you want off the menu and begin to imagine it. You unconsciously lick your lips as you imagine that delicious food….

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Retirement Life

Set Yourself Up For Your Retirement [Infographic]

When you are in your 30’s and 40’s will you have control over your finances? If you do not take the steps now to plan for your future and your retirement, you will find that you are struggling to pay….

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Drugs with Handcuffs

The United States Can End World Hunger – By Ending Drug Abuse [Infographic]

$30,000,000,000 is the expected price per year to end world hunger as of 2013. For many people, they look at this number as an outstanding price for world hunger. The question posed is, “How much money is $30 billion really?”….

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Health and Safety

How To Improve Health And Safety In The Workplace

Improving health and safety in the workplace is vital for both the safety of workers and also the productivity of a business. So, let’s take a look at just some of the many ways to improve safety in the work….

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Fear of Flying

How To Work In Aviation If You’re Afraid Of Flying

For people with a love for aviation, there is no greater feeling of freedom than soaring through the blue skies. However, for some who have a fear of flying a career in aviation may seem like a lost cause. But….

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0407 in case of 1561 Emergency Room

Emergency Room Manners

People, I am a triage nurse at a busy Emergency Room. I have a lot to say. . . Do NOT come up to the front desk of the Emergency Room, fling your health insurance card at me, tell me….

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