Psychological Tricks To Use At Work [Infographic]

Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Get People To Do Whatever You Want

Once upon a time, I held a job with a tyrannical boss whom was very un-accepting of new ideas unless they were his own. After a while, a co-worker and I used simple psychological mind tricks to get him to change his mind and approve the ideas … Read more

The 5 Secrets of Productivity in Logistics [Infographic]

The Secret Of Logistics


Committing a workforce that would increase productivity in your logistics can make your operations more efficient and supply a chain of the goal to your business. Improvements in quality and service are equally important, but productivity is not the only basis on how the distribution of goals are acquired. A company cannot improve productivity in logistics … Read more

Make Your Home Energy Efficient [Infographic]

Save On Costs, Invest In Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Home

In the modern day, people are looking to find ways that they can be more energy efficient. More and more people want to do everything they can to conserve energy because it is not only better for the environment but it also helps them to save some money in the long run. The … Read more

Top 5 Customer Service Challenges [Infographic]

What To Do About Customer Service Challenges

Good Service

The development of customer engagement in social media and the increased value of a hassle-free and on-point customer experience may have been the two main driving forces behind the progress of customer expectations in 2017. These days, customers want their voices heard and problems resolved, quickly and without having to jump through hoops … Read more

5 Ways ERP Can Deliver ROI [Infographic]

Enterprise Resource Planning Software For Better Return On Investment


Businesses are very cautious in every investment they make, especially if the subject involve can affect the overall productivity and efficiency of their business. That being said, it is safe to say that one of the most crucial tool that many business owners are willing to spend invest today is the … Read more

Perfect Glass for Commercial Buildings [Infographic]

Selecting Perfect Glass For A Commercial Building

Modern Business Buildings

The perfect glass will enhance the overall look of a commercial building and bring out its features throughout the day. From the inner and outer doors of a building to its windows, every piece of glass is a filler element that defines how a building will look. Glasses provide architecture many possibilities with … Read more

Six Tools For Web Developers

Do You Know These 6 Awesome Tools Of Web Developers?

Developing a well-rounded aesthetically pleasing website can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned web developer. You must identify current trends and standards and determine ways to incorporate them into your designs. Luckily, there are many free tools available that can help speed up your efforts and work … Read more

Importance of Automation Training

Robotic Dual Automation Welding

What is Automation?

Automation can be defined as the use of different control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, switching telephone networks, aircraft, boilers & heat treating ovens and more with set commands to run or operate systems (e.g. a factory) with the least human intervention. Automation improves efficiency, productivity, saves time and efforts. The term ‘automation’ was inspired … Read more

Keeping It Green: 5 Business Giants Committed To Helping The Environment


Keeping It Green: 5 Business Giants Committed To Helping The EnvironmentWe all know that sometimes it can be difficult for businesses of all sizes to run effectively while caring for the environment around them. In the case of non-renewable companies and many fast-food outlets, their core activities seem antithetical to preserving the environment.

However, there are a number of very large businesses that have managed to reduce their impact … Read more

The Pitfalls of Not Following OHS Practice

As the demands of your working day, and the demands of turning a profit in your business take over, it can be easy to start thinking that OHS is there only to make life difficult. It may seem like it’s there to make simple tasks into complex tasks, or to ruin the efficiency of your work. Stop thinking like that.… Read more