World Entrepreneurs’ Day [Infographic]

Happy Entrepreneurs’ Day!


As you may know, World Entrepreneurs’ Day is coming up on August 21. The purpose of this day is to create awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership throughout the world, as well as celebrate the people who started a business alone. Today, there are 28 million small-businesses in the United States and more than 500,000 entrepreneurs Read more

Deciphering the Objective and Benefits Real Estate Act (RERA) [Infographic]

Understanding Benefits Of The Real Estate Act (RERA) Of India

Homeowner India

Before the implementation of the Real Estate Act (RERA) the analysis and studies conducted by the experts stated that implementing RERA Real Estate Act will bring in transparency in the real estate sector, and homebuyers will no longer have to feel worried about their investments. A similar analysis for the … Read more

The Rise of Business In India

Contemporary India’s Changing Business Scenario

Business In India

The rising startups and the legends of business co-existing in the Indian marketplace create severe competition that makes headlines across the globe. In the past decade, India’s business scene altered heavily with the penetration of Internet and IT, altogether now serving the world economy a tough challenge.

Let’s have a look where the country paced … Read more

24 Most Expensive Watches Ever Sold At Auction [Infographic]

Most Expensive Watches Ever Sold

Brera Orologi Watch

With the global economy, still on life-support to a large extent, many are diversifying away from traditional investments of property, land and stocks to collectibles. Over the last five year,  the collectible market has sky rocketed, with art, cars and jewellery all achieving record prices at auction.

While some may have sold off and abandoned … Read more