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The Great State of Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!

Colorado. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful rivers. Beautiful lakes. Beautiful environment. Beautiful nature. Beautiful people. Beautiful everything. Great for everything. Whether you live in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Colorado, there is something for you to do, whether in….

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AGA Legacy

Aren’t You Glad You Bought An Oil Fired AGA [Infographic]

Get Your AGA Today

This infographic highlights just how versatile and easy cooking with an oil fired AGA really is. Tasty stews, yummy cakes, roasts and a full cooked breakfast are just a few of the meals and dishes you….

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Healthy Cooking Saute

Cook a Healthy Meal Everyday [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Cook Healthy Meals

Cooking is a process that takes time and preparation, from figuring out what to eat, running out and buying all the ingredients, preparing the kitchen, preheating the oven or turning on the stove,….

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Make Lunch For Everyone At Work [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Make Lunch For Everyone!

Lunch at work is the most exciting part of the workday. Everyone usually makes their own lunch or runs out to their favorite restaurants or fast foods places to order a meal everyday…..

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Egg Avocado Toast Breakfast

Eat A Healthy Breakfast [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Eat a Healthy Breakfast To Make Your Day!

It is cliché to say that you should eat a healthy breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of your day, but there is only truth to that….

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Comfortable Sleep

Go To Sleep Before Midnight [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Go To Sleep Before Midnight

The joys of sleeping, the beauty and peace that sleeping is, and how most of us wish we could do more of it. We never seem to get enough of it….

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