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Marijuana Plant

Confiscated Marijuana Overvalued

Sort of. Cannabis intended for recreational consumption comes in several different grades ranging in price from $10 a pound for compressed bricks of seedy Mexican hemp flowers purchased near the source up to $3,500 a pound for manicured colas grown….

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Drugs with Handcuffs

The United States Can End World Hunger – By Ending Drug Abuse [Infographic]

$30,000,000,000 is the expected price per year to end world hunger as of 2013. For many people, they look at this number as an outstanding price for world hunger. The question posed is, “How much money is $30 billion really?”….

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Mental Health Problems

The Rewards Of Working In The Mental Health Sector

The Rewards of Working in the Mental Health Sector

If you’re one of almost 1 million workers in the health care industry, your job is undoubtedly full of rewards and challenges. With an increasing number of sub-sectors in this fast….

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Substance Abuse Counselors Social Workers

A social worker finally snaps

After years of idealism, I have finally decided that I am sick and fucking tired of helping the disenfranchised and oppressed. I have a master’s degree in social work, and I’ve worked in a number of different settings. I’ve been….

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Hotel Room

To All The People Who Rent Hotel Rooms

I’ve been working at a large chain hotel for quite some time now. I have come to learn how to read you before you even set foot in my lobby. I would like to share some of the nice, weird,….

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Police Agent

The Unseen Life Of An Undercover Police Agent

I wanted to share some light on what its like to be an undercover police agent and confess the hardships and unseen real life encounters that are faced. I can’t reveal my name because I still work undercover but I….

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