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Jetlag Business

Preventing Jet Lag When Traveling [Infographic]

Avoiding Jet Lag When Traveling

Travel is pretty great. But there’s one aspect of travel that isn’t great at all: jet lag. Jet lag happens when your body attempts to adjust, immediately, to a change in time zone. It isn’t….

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Interview Byquist

How to Get Ready for a Job Interview in One Day

Quick Prep Interview Guide

Being a job seeker is difficult as you have worries about finding a job position that can satisfy your needs. Once your resume is sent to a potential employer, you start thinking about getting an invitation….

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Big Oscar

How To Throw The Perfect Oscar Party [Infographic]

Throwing An Oscar-Style Party

This cool infographic offers hints on how to achieve your party’s success that earns its own Oscar! Roll out your own Red Carpet and invite your friends to a night to remember at your classy Oscar….

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Indian Wedding Dresses

Weddings in India [Infographic]

How Much Does An Indian Wedding Cost?

Marriage shopping trends in India are wide and vast. Yes, this is one platform that extracts high revenues. Weddings are extravagant in India and depict the status of parents in the society. The more….

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Business Casual Fashion Men

12 Closet Staples For The Work Week [Infographic]

What’s In Your Closet? 

Here’s a cheat to get you to the office on time and in-style: less is more. While it may seem like your workplace is owned by one or two conspicuously showy dressers, whose wardrobe budgets exceed….

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Dress Like Fashion Week

Dress Like Someone Day

During the year of 2015, I ran a challenge every week, asking those who wished to do so, to attempt the challenge of the week. These challenges stopped at the end of the year,….

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French Maid Outfit


I work for a marketing firm and my boss is a 28 year-old woman that is very attractive.  I have been working with this agency for about 14 months.  About 8 months ago, the boss approached me and wanted to….

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Fashion iOS App

The Best Fashion Apps to Make Your Life Easier [Infographic]

Fashion Apps For Life

We all lead busy lives and turning to digital means to make how we work faster, easier and more productive, is a common goal for many people. What about when it comes to how we look,….

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Kaseesh Peach Anarkali Suit Set In Georgette Material

Women’s Day: The Way You Dress [Infographic]

This Women’s Day The Insider Guide To Enhance Self Confidence In The Way You Dress

There were times when even the great leaders experience a drop in self-confidence. And that’s okay, because self-confidence can be developed. Anyone can gain the….

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Dressed Interview

Job Interview and Your Appearance [Infographic]

Myths or Rules for Job Interviewing and Your Appearance

After mastering the applications, resumes, and cover letters, the phone calls and emails for interviews and meetings start coming in. You’ve researched commonly asked interview questions and prepared your best quality….

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