Service With A Smile For Everyone – Tips For Serving Customers With Disabilities

Whether you work in a restaurant, a beauty parlour, a library, an airport or a car dealership, you will likely encounter a customer with a disability at some point in your career. People with disabilities will travel, shop, enjoy community programs, do business and attend events, just like anyone else. If you work within a customer service role, it is … Read more

A Chance For Success

No two people are exactly alike. Even those who are twins have some small differences that allow others to determine who is who. However, there is one common thread that binds the entire human race together: our desire to be successful in life. Success is measured in many different ways by each person who is striving for something in their … Read more

Be Someone’s Hero

The look on his face was priceless. The watered flowed over his feet, then his legs before splashing on his chest. Pure joy, the kind of emotion money cannot buy.

This played out on Bondi Beach; it was a summer afternoon in mid December. The crowds as they typically do, frolicked in the searing hot sun seemingly unaware of each … Read more