Buy Nothing Day

A Day To Buy Nothing

Consumerist Nation

Every year, after Thanksgiving, our consumerist nation believes it should go shopping. Years ago, a shopping day was set aside, and usually extended to the weekend, in which several products that are usually more expensive throughout the year, are placed on sale, and sold at a reduced price. This day is known as “Black Friday”, … Read more

Demand For Nursing Educators [Infographic]

Meet The Demands Of Nursing Education

Nurse Educator

As you may know, the healthcare industry relies heavily on the talents and skills of nurse educators to train and educate future nurses. However, there is currently a shortage of nursing professionals. According to a recent study in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, the number of nurses with nursing bachelor’s degrees has climbed Read more

Growth Strategies For Small Businesses

Growing Your Small Business

Business Plan

There is an important difference between businesses that remain small for their entire existence – which could be decades – and small businesses that grow and thrive. In most cases, it comes down to taking a purposeful and strategic approach to growth. Though some small businesses offer products and services that experience such an intense demand … Read more

The Loyal XI [Infographic]

The Loyal XI Club

Football Kick

Sports today is about money. Players couldn’t care less about remaining with a similar association unless they are paid boatloads of money and their group is winning. On the off chance that either doesn’t occur, the player will presumably demand to be exchanged, and in the event that he isn’t, you know when the agreement is … Read more

EU Glass Packaging Industry Economy [Infographic]

100% Recyclable Glass Packaging Industry

Glass Packaging Promo

Glass bottle packaging has been around for a long time. Glass packaging is used mainly in food and beverage industry because of many benefits it offers. Here, we’ll explore the increasing popularity and advantages of glass bottle packaging, including protection, sustainability and image. Glass is made from natural materials without the need of any chemical … Read more