Top Tips to Utilize Social Media in Customer Service [Infographic]

Utilizing Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media Service
Social media has been the common platform that people use for communication, and with dealing with customer services. The support and promotion that each company accumulates through these platforms benefit the business’s brand and reputation through every customer.

In utilizing this platform, especially for social media in customer service, there are certain tips to … Read more

Small Business Guide To Instagram Growth [Infographic]

Using Instagram For Business

Instagram has rapidly become one of the most popular social media sites in the world, with over 800 million monthly active users, it can be a great tool for businesses, big and small. It’s not only a fantastic platform to showcase what your business has to offer, but it’s also a place to show some personality, … Read more

Why Keywords Are Important? [Infographic]

Utilizing Keywords For Online Sales & Business Growth

SEO Keywords

Technology modernization has been soaring high nowadays. Online businesses are now utilizing this innovation to their advantage. Some businesses use the power of smartphones to maximize the user experience of their customers while others use social media websites like Facebook to target larger scale of audience. These common practices can improve customer … Read more

Essential Tips For Opening a Hookah Bar

Want To Open Your Own Hookah Bar?


Nowadays, the trend of opening a shisha bar is expeditiously growing. You will get to see modern and funky shisha lounges on every corner of the city. Many of these shisha lounges get closed within a year because of lack of resources and knowledge. A shisha owner must have proper guidance and awareness … Read more

The Cost of Airline Courtesy

The Class of Airlines

Basic Economy

“Upgrade for $20 more to feel like a human being, you piece of shit!” – All airlines

Growing up and throughout human civilization, there have been classes used to identify groups of people. As a kid, I remember being told I was “lower middle class” of the three, which were poor, middle, and rich. There are … Read more

Tips On Overcoming Communication Barriers

Better Communication To Break Barriers

Old Can Communication

In any organization, there is some level of communication barrier where employees find it difficult to interact with each other. It could be intentional or unintentional. Whichever the case, there is a need to know how to deal with communication barriers in the workplace. Below are some of the tips you can apply to bridge … Read more

Three Ecommerce Techniques That Can Keep Your Business Growing Online

Keep Your Business Growing Online

Ecommerce Marketing Growth

Many business owners have recently realized that building their brand in the ecommerce sector can play an integral role in helping them expand their sphere of industry influence. Another great outcome that can result from the implementation of a savvy ecommerce campaign is more substantive conversion rates. A third benefit is the increased ability to … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance [Infographic]

Improving Your Sales Performance

Motivate Sales Team

Of all the aspects of a business, sales can be said to be one of the most important since it brings the money that helps a business sustain its operations. It is also a common practice for companies to establish a sales quota which can run each month, quarterly, and yearly.

That said, reaching the sales … Read more

Costs People Often Forget When Setting Up Their Own Business

Hidden Costs of Business

Surprise Costs

Making the decision to set up your own business can be exciting, particularly if having your own company and being your own boss is something you’ve always dreamed of doing. With no boss to answer to, you get to make all of the decisions. However that also means that you are responsible for every single aspect … Read more

Company Spotlight: UrbanPro

Featured Company: UrbanPro

Urbanpro Hero

What is UrbanPro? is India’s favorite learning destination where tutors, trainers and training institutes connect with students across India, to bridge learning gap and generate revenue for our Tutors and Institutes.


UrbanPro Logo


When was it established?

It was established in 2011 by Rakesh Kalra.


How did UrbanPro get its name?

The company started out … Read more