Is Your Business Name Protected?

Got Protection For Your Business Name?

Protecting Business Name Graphic

If you’ve spent time and energy getting your business up and running, you’ve no doubt found the perfect name. The name you’ve chosen represents your business and will draw in clients like bears to honey. However, as perfect as that name may sound to you, it could already belong to someone else. So, how … Read more

History of Shaving [Infographic]

Human History of Shaving

When it comes to shaving, there are many people who don’t mind, while others would prefer to grow it out and enjoy their facial hair, and hair in other places. Humans are the only creatures on Earth that worry about their appearance and utilize objects to trim or shave hair off of their bodies. While there … Read more

The Dark Side of Google [Infographic]

“Come to the dark side, we’ve got cookies!” said Google. And everyone went to the dark side and Google had plenty of cookies for everyone. Cookies that tracked people to and fro, home and work, on vacations and on business trips. Many people believed Google was invading their privacy, while Google was just trying to be friendly and lure people … Read more

Office Space Alternatives For Growing Businesses

Being a successful entrepreneur can be assimilated to a carefully crafted balancing act. There is a constant influx of opposing forces that battle for your attention and being able to come up with the winning combination is what matters in the end.

The most important forces antagonizing with each other are without a doubt planning and execution. The SBA offers … Read more

Human Greed: The Downfall of Humanity

Star Trek is quite an amazing show with a huge franchise of series, as it gives us a glimpse of what possible future we could have. Many people are fans of Star Trek for its visions of a possible world where humans explore for the pursuit, rather than for the motivation of greed and selfish desires. In the video, Samuel … Read more

Small Business Resources That Don’t Cost A Cent

Planning, organizing and sustaining a small business is a tremendous amount of work, insight and foresight; and getting professional help along the way can be a welcomed opportunity.  There are a number of free resources available for any small business owner, and here are a few.

The U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a host of … Read more

Training and Managing Remote Employees: Expect and Reward Results

Training and Managing Remote Employees: Expect and Reward Results In 2013, Yahoo made news for a new policy forbidding its employees from telecommuting – a move that seemed counter-productive in the growing trend towards flexible work options. While this will undoubtedly cost their employees thousands of dollars per year in transportation and childcare costs, it can also greatly limit the talent pool for a large corporation. That might not … Read more

The Process Of Sales Work

Whether you are a small start-up company or a large corporation, you must engage in sales work to bring in clients to your company who are interested in your products and services. This involves certain steps a sales associate must take in finding a client, initiating contact and closing the deal.

Companies will use an assortment of different techniques and … Read more

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