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Texting Driving

Texting Hashtag X

The Importance of Texting #X

The majority of people nowadays send text messages left and right, to friends, family, and spend a majority of their time on the phone texting more than they do talking, playing games, or doing anything….

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Why Businessmen Love Golf

The Business Of Golf

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” And so did I, from birth to age 26 when I moved to New Jersey. I walked to Grammar School; took a subway to Brooklyn Technical High School; and took a….

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Kids Affected By Divorce

Talking To Your Children About Divorce [Infographic]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved, especially children. It’s a time in their life when their world is changing, and usually they have no idea why. It….

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Are You A Good Listener? [Infographic]

Find Out If You Are A Good Listener

Whether you have a repetitive job, you’re often deep in concentration, or you’re just naturally not a good listener, making the effort to truly engage with those around you can improve both….

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Become a Networking Ninja in Six Simple Steps

Be a Social Networking Ninja

It is common knowledge that these days, if you want to become successful in business, who you know is almost as important as what you know. For this reason, networking has become a popular activity….

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About Me

What Tone Should An “About Me” Page Use? [Infographic]

Your About Me Page Is Important

As of 2013, it was estimated that approximately 128 million people in the US would be blog readers, with that number only rising in recent years. That certainly makes for a….

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Online Dating

Online Dating [Infographic]

Do You Date Online?

Online dating has become more common, as many people are working and do not have the time to go sit at a bar for a few hours, waiting and hoping someone catches their eye, and they just….

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Family Dinner Table

The Family Dinner: Myth or Reality

Family Dinner Time: Fact or Fiction, Memory or a Dream?

On television, there still exist perfect families, where they gather around the dinner table, eat, and actually have a conversation about their days. There may be some drama that happened….

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Art of Conversation by rttmsdag

Start A Conversation With A Random Person [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Start a Conversation with a Random Person

Humans. Humans everywhere. Nearly every human comes complete with a set of challenges they have faced, a life they are currently living, problems and struggles they have experienced, and….

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Fire Client

How To Fire a Difficult Client [Infographic]

Breaking Up With a Client Is Hard To Do

Break-ups are awkward and stressful. People’s feelings get hurt, polite conversations turn into heated arguments, and both of you are probably going to say some things you don’t mean. By the….

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