Be Productive at Work [Infographic]

Being Productive in the Workplace

Workplace Employee Productivity

The workspace as we know it is changing. The days of monotonous cubicles are numbered and instead we are being presented with new modern solutions for the office environment. Open plan spaces, bright colours and ‘office pods’ are to become commonplace in the office of the future. The idea behind these being that that they … Read more

Grim realities of Apple Inc.

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

Apple Inc. is famed to keep everything about its research and development (R&D) activities under tight wraps. The technology giant has incorporated a code of silence that is religiously followed by top executives to all the way by the retail employees.

However, there’s an exception – something that could cost the most valuable technology … Read more

Confessions of a front desk clerk!

My professional disclaimer:

I love my job. I really do. I work at the front desk of a hotel. Every day presents a new challenge, the majority of our guests are great people with whom I love speaking…and the very best part of all is that I am leaving this job in August to begin grad school…..however…..

The following is … Read more


[This story is an experience in my life, written in the third person.]

As she walked through the doorway in her sequined black evening dress, she felt a pinch on her behind and saw a smile on the face of the man who would later be identified as Joan’s father, a physician.  Among the numerous people in the livingroom, who … Read more