The Cost of Airline Courtesy

The Class of Airlines

Basic Economy

“Upgrade for $20 more to feel like a human being, you piece of shit!” – All airlines

Growing up and throughout human civilization, there have been classes used to identify groups of people. As a kid, I remember being told I was “lower middle class” of the three, which were poor, middle, and rich. There are … Read more

9 Top Tips For Facebook Advertising Success [Infographic]

Facebook Advertising Strategies For Success

Facebook Advertising Success

Whether you like it or not, advertising is an unavoidable and very important part of our consumer society.

An advert provides a brand with a platform to present a service or product to their specific audience.

It has since grown to mean much more than that, allowing advertisers, brands and creatives to not only sell … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Competition

You Need Competition In Order To Succeed in Business

Business Graph Competition

For some businesses, it would seem that being the end-all for all customer needs is ideal. What better way to make money than to have a monopoly where all customers must turn to your business without any choice for an alternative? This would certainly mean that any company, being the only … Read more

Ways Competition Makes Your Business Stronger [Infographic]

Love The Competition For Your Business!

Business Plan Competition

Do you believe that competition does more good than harm in today’s business context? While this may sound like a contradiction when past and conservative business conditions are taken into consideration, it may not necessarily be so in recent years. In fact, many start-up companies and businesses in the past managed to survive competitive … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance [Infographic]

Improving Your Sales Performance

Motivate Sales Team

Of all the aspects of a business, sales can be said to be one of the most important since it brings the money that helps a business sustain its operations. It is also a common practice for companies to establish a sales quota which can run each month, quarterly, and yearly.

That said, reaching the sales … Read more

Tips and Hacks for Getting Ahead in Business [Infographic]

Know How To Get Ahead In Business

Business Hacks

Everyone wants to be on top, and these tips and hacks are designed to help you get ahead in the business industry regardless of your level of education. Below are positions available from entry level to capstone according to education at the time.

Administrative Assistant
High School Education
Average pay: $36,500.

Tip:Read more

Best B2B Apps For Business [Infographic]

Best Mobile Apps For A Growing Business

B2B App

We all know that running a B2B business is a very difficult task even for the most experienced managers and CEOs. To attract new business there are so many things that may be problematic over the course of a day. You can have of a lot of ideas for B2B (Business to Business) … Read more

The Hard Questions to Ask Yourself When Becoming an Owner-Operator

Hitting the Open Road As An Owner-Operator

Owner Truck Operator

If hitting the open road, traveling for miles across the country, and dropping off freight loads sounds like the perfect dream, then you should consider owning your very own trucking business and becoming an owner-operator. However, doing this type of work requires a certain type of individual in this highly competitive market.  … Read more

Working With Recruitment Agents

How To Work With Recruitment Agents

Recruitment Agency

For many of us, seeking out new employment means different things. Most will search in the area in which they already reside, whereas others will look a bit further afield, probably found through some sort of online search. Your local recruitment agency doesn’t need to be confided to the local job centre or newspaper … Read more

City Internships Announces New 2016 Summer Scholarship Competition

City Internships

Santa Monica, CA, March 25, 2016
City Internships offers four students scholarship places on prestigious Global Internship Program

Leading internship program provider City Internships announces the launch of a new student focused initiative, the 2016 Scholarship Competition, offering scholarships towards the summer Global Internship Program.

“Are young people prepared for work? 70% of educators say, ‘yes’. Less than 50% … Read more