Top Tips to Utilize Social Media in Customer Service [Infographic]

Utilizing Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media Service
Social media has been the common platform that people use for communication, and with dealing with customer services. The support and promotion that each company accumulates through these platforms benefit the business’s brand and reputation through every customer.

In utilizing this platform, especially for social media in customer service, there are certain tips to … Read more

7 Blogs Every Writer Should Bookmark [Infographic]

7 Blogs You Should Bookmark for 2018

Blog Reader

Being a writer myself, there is one essential step I can recommend to those who want to write well, and I am not talking about those tips like ‘write from the heart’, or ‘tell your story’. In my experience, these are helpful, but there is one thing that makes it possible for me … Read more

How To Give Difficult Feedback At Work Without Hurting Feelings [Infographic]

Giving Difficult Feedback To Employees

Employee Feedback

No matter what type of job you apply for, you will always find that the description asks for ‘good communication skills’.

The reason for this is simple, no matter what industry you work it, being able to communicate with your colleagues is vital.

Not matter whether you are a CEO or an apprentice, there are … Read more

Tips On Overcoming Communication Barriers

Better Communication To Break Barriers

Old Can Communication

In any organization, there is some level of communication barrier where employees find it difficult to interact with each other. It could be intentional or unintentional. Whichever the case, there is a need to know how to deal with communication barriers in the workplace. Below are some of the tips you can apply to bridge … Read more

Important Benefits Offered By Wearables [Infographic]

Data Communications Via Wearables

Wearables Technology

At one point of time wearable simply meant something that can be worn but the term has changed its definition in the recent years. In the present era, wearables are actually any functioning digital technology that can be worn over the body. It could be a belt that can monitor the flow f your blood or … Read more

The Importance of Learning Programming Languages

Why Learning How To Code is Important For Everyone

Programming Languages

I was born in a time where computers were just beginning to enter the home. DOS and Windows 3.1 were the primary operating systems. The two popular computer games at the time were “Putt Putt” and “Doom”.  “Putt Putt” was a car that went on adventures and involved solving puzzles, designed … Read more

6 Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing to the Philippines [Infographic]

Outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsourcing Philippines

The Philippines is one of the prime destinations in the world for companies looking to outsource their business processes and tasks. During the past decade, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become one of the biggest contributors to its national economy, resulting in hundreds of outsourcing companies to be established, and millions of Filipinos being employed as … Read more

10 Year Anniversary – iPhone in Numbers [Infographic]

Apple iPhone Anniversary

iPhone 8 Concept Embedded Fingerprint Reader

The first steps

Always prepared to lead the game, Apple was fast to recognize not only the challenges at that time but was also able to anticipate the upcoming challenges and respond to them before they could even manifest.

With its release of iPhone 3GS on June 19 2009, the company registered its presence in 3G market.… Read more

5 Qualities of Professional Interpreter You Should Always Look For!

The Five Qualities An Interpreter Needs
Learning Skills

Hiring the professional interpreter for court proceedings, medical appointments, conferences, job interviews, or leisure travel is becoming very common due to globalization. Interpreters for leisure travel would require the knowledge of the local history, tourist attractions, and the languages involved. Mostly this is the unilateral communication, where the knowledge of the foreign language is … Read more

6 Tips on How to Perfect Your Business Writing Skills

Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Clear

An ancient business saying claims that time is money. Following this logic, business people tend to shorten and speed up communication. However, professional communication has always been strongly relying on writing skills. Serious entrepreneurs know that a big part of their business depends on successful communication, so they work hard to improve it.

How to

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