Steps To A Successful Workplace Investigation [Slideshare]

Investigation In The Workplace

Incident Investigation

HR representatives and other types of workplace professionals already know how important it is to be something of a detective. In all of their dealings with employees and potential employees, workplace professionals need to be able to make judgments about important issues based on the evidence they collect. Yet although conducting an interview with a job … Read more

Just How Customer-Centric is Your Company?

Is Your Company Customer-Centric?

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Being a customer-centric company has become more relevant than ever. The very existence of this concept might sound like an odd one when you really think about it. Isn’t it automatically understandable that all businesses are customer-centric given the fact that this is where the profit comes from?

That may be the case, but there … Read more

5 Critical Tips on Choosing the Right Major

You’ve finally made it! You’ve endured four years of mediocre football, that really bad smelling French teacher and awkward prom photos that your mom insisted you take. Now, you’re ready for college, where the school spirit promises to be hypnotic, the party scene will be nothing less than spectacular, and you have the freedom to choose your classes. Say goodbye … Read more