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The Best European Capital Cities To Work

Best European Cities To Work

Broadly, there are two types of people; those who are content to work in their nation of birth and those who are willing to travel anywhere for a better life. In the current socioeconomic climate….

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Millionaire’s Map: Countries Boasting The Most [Infographic]

What Countries Has The Most Millionaires?

Thanks to our ever-evolving economy and the advancement of technology, wealth is gradually becoming more of a global phenomenon. Gone are the days of the colonial aristocracy, and in their place comes a world of….

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Living Studying Europe

Top 3 Countries to Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad in Europe

When you think of studying abroad in Europe, you think of countries like the United Kingdom and France. However, there are many other countries that have a really high standard of education and should definitely be….

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Uber Screen

Billion Dollar Uber [Infographic]

All You Need To Know About Uber

If you are not familiar with the word, Uber by now then you must be living in a shell. The world’s largest cab service is currently worth more than most global automobile giants and….

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Driving Irelands Wild Atlantic Way

The World’s Longest Driving Route [Infographic]

All You Need to Know about the World’s Longest Driving Route

The Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest coastal driving route. It takes in the North West, West, Mid-West and South West of Ireland. At 2,500 kilometres long, it….

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Transformers Desert

Filmed Locations of Fictional Places [Infographic]

Films have the power to capture our imagination and sense of fantasy and wonder with ease, sometimes making us feel that we are actually there in those places. Some movies may be filmed at an exact location, such as New….

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College Graduates

A Snapshot of the College Class of 2013 [Infographic]

This infographic provides an excellent breakdown of what the graduating college class of 2013 looks like. It can be scary time for any new college grad when they are hunting for their first job in the real world. Fortunately the class of….

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