8 Tips to Avoid E-Cigarette Explosions [Infographic]

Safety Handling With Your E-Cigarette

Cali Custard Coil Oil

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With millions of users worldwide, there can be no doubt that vaping has not only created a new market niche but a new subculture in our society as well. Though, it is still facing strong headwinds in different countries due to claims that it is as detrimental to health as smoking … Read more

Romance and Chemistry on Screen

Convincing Love and Romance On Screen

When it comes to natural chemistry and romance, most humans can easily detect it. When you meet someone for the first time, you begin to like them, and it is really up to them to meet your expectations and continue that like, which can grow in seconds to instant attraction, chemistry, or romance, or … Read more

The Teaching Job [Interview]

People in this field are very underrated in terms of what they actually do for us. They know us as children, as young adults, and even as adults. They are constantly instilling and drilling into us specific values and knowledge about the world. Many of them are overworked and underpaid, but expected to do their jobs. We know them as … Read more

My Personal Confession Story

According to dictionary definitions, the word “confession” is actually an admission of having done something embarrassing. This ten letter word is synonymous with “concession and revelation” and with this, I know you already have formulated something in your mind right now. Yes. I am going to reveal one of my secrets that I have kept until now. This thing happened … Read more

A 3 Step Process That Can Change Your Life Forever

A 3 Step Process That Can Change Your Life Forever

Through extensive research and study, scientists have proven that spontaneity can be significantly beneficial to the health of human beings. Spontaneous gestures will increase your heart rate and adrenaline, thereby having a positive effect upon your brain chemistry and behavior. In behaving impulsively, you will circumstantially learn tactics to adapt … Read more

The swimming pool

[This story is an experience in my life, written in the third person.]

It had been a busy day at the Chemistry lab and the thought of hitting the water and doing 20 laps seemed delightful. She got dressed in her maillot and appeared at the pool which was filled mostly with men. She wondered if there would be any … Read more