Bathroom Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

2018 In The Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom
When you hear “trends”, you might first think of business or industry-related trends, fashion trends, technology trends – just about anything but bathroom trends. But this new year, it’s high time that you also upgrade this essential but often overlooked part of the house! Just like any other room you have under your roof, the bathroom … Read more

Top Tips to Utilize Social Media in Customer Service [Infographic]

Utilizing Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media Service
Social media has been the common platform that people use for communication, and with dealing with customer services. The support and promotion that each company accumulates through these platforms benefit the business’s brand and reputation through every customer.

In utilizing this platform, especially for social media in customer service, there are certain tips to … Read more

Top Business Travel Destinations in 2018 [Infographic]

Traveling For Business In 2018

Business Travel
Business travel– despite being seen by many as one of the most attractive perks that an employer can offer – can be a mind-numbing task, too. From long flights to even longer meetings, business travel can be extremely wearing. As such, most of them do not have the luxury of time to think about their … Read more

Small Business Guide To Instagram Growth [Infographic]

Using Instagram For Business

Instagram has rapidly become one of the most popular social media sites in the world, with over 800 million monthly active users, it can be a great tool for businesses, big and small. It’s not only a fantastic platform to showcase what your business has to offer, but it’s also a place to show some personality, … Read more

The 5 Secrets of Productivity in Logistics [Infographic]

The Secret Of Logistics


Committing a workforce that would increase productivity in your logistics can make your operations more efficient and supply a chain of the goal to your business. Improvements in quality and service are equally important, but productivity is not the only basis on how the distribution of goals are acquired. A company cannot improve productivity in logistics … Read more

Why Your Business Needs A Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free Numbers Are Not Dead Yet

Toll-Free vs. Local Phone Number

Screenshot from

Looking at the website above, which phone number looks more appealing to you? Is it the local number from Florida or the toll-free number? There are a number of reasons for choosing one or the other, although there are also many companies that have opted to use both a toll-free number … Read more

Rewinding The Future [Health]

If You Could Rewind Your Future to the Past, what would you change?

Author Note: This article is not meant to fat-shame or pick on anyone’s weight. It is an article about the awareness of the health of our future and what we are eating, as well as the conscious awareness of the ongoing weight problems and correlation with fast Read more

Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2017

The Best Confessions of 2017

2017 Countdown


Another year has gone by already! Where the heck did it go? Really, the years are just going by so fast. We are entering into our 5th year. We are still going strong thanks you all you readers and contributors! We appreciate you so much and without your support, none of this would be … Read more

9 Daily Rituals To Boost Productivity [Infographic]

9 Ways Of Boosting Productivity With Rituals

Coffee On Desk

Jane Austen rose early to clear her head while making breakfast for the whole family – and then retired from household tasks for the day to concentrate on her writing. Hemingway wrote everything out by hand first, and typed it all up later.

Whether you’re a writer, you’re in business, or whatever your … Read more

Introducing: Text Me Private

Virtual Numbers For Texting!

Laptop with Phones

In a previous confession, we introduced Call Me Private, virtual numbers that can make and receive phone calls, great for individuals, entrepreneurs, small startups, and large organizations alike. A sister application, known as Text Me Private carries the same concept as Call Me Private, but happens to be for SMS only. Send or receive … Read more