The Third Floor

I’m just a girl, looking for excitement. I go to work all day in retail, and return home to my apartment, hang out, or go to the gym, maybe watch some TV, go out with a few friends every once in a while. Sometimes I pull double shifts. Welcome to my life, the single life. Sometimes you just need that … Read more

Three Ways To Temp A Kelly Girl

In my twenties, there was a short period of time when I had to resort to temporary work in order to get by. On one assignment, I was the only guy working for this company, which hired me and two beautiful ladies to perform various menial paperwork tasks.

I had a good working rapport with both of these ladies. One … Read more

New Job Over Winter Break

I was so looking forward to winter break and getting to visit England to work for William. We had been planning this trip since fall had turned to winter. It would be a nice treat to get away from it all make some extra money and actually enjoy the snow instead of dreading driving in it. I am the planner, … Read more



The sky was full of the stars burning quiet. No one was home but for her crocheting Grandma. She walked through the lush wet grasses in her bare feet, drawing their moisture up through her body as if she were a straw. She felt the moisture on her fingertips as she caressed the bushes and leaned over to sniff … Read more

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