Top Valentine’s Day Searches

What Is The United States Searching For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine Roses Champagne

People around the world use Google a lot. Everyone is searching for everything and anything. Depending on current events, specific searches will be more prevalent than others. For example, in winter time, people would not be searching for summer shorts, but rather “winter clothes”. In the summer time, they would probably … Read more

Top Apps To Improve Sex Life [Infographic]

Apps to Spice Up Your Sex Life

iPhone Apps for Sex

There are so many phone applications available nowadays, with many promising to improve some efficiency in your life or others providing some extra functionality that you didn’t have before. Internet use on smartphones has never been higher and research has shown that Internet use on mobiles has now actually overtaken desktop use. This … Read more

Welcome to The Friend Zone

Are You Stuck in the Friend Zone?

The Friend Zone Has Much To Teach You If You Are Willing to Learn

In Wake of Valentine’s Day, This Is Advice To All You Single Men and Women Stuck in the Friend Zone

Friend Zone Again

A topic that I never thought I would be discussing here, but I think it is only fair to … Read more

What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship [Infographic]

What are you getting for your darling this year? For single people, Valentine’s Day can mean either two things: Single Appreciate Day or I’m Single Day. It could also be argued that its just a Hallmark Holiday used to boost business for Hallmark. While this is true, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that people who are in a relationship … Read more

Worst Boss

I have the absolute worst boss ever! First off she comes to our morning newsroom everyday with a negative attitude. She gets angry over the littlest things. She doesn’t even know the 2 words thank you. She wouldn’t even say thank you if you complimented her on her clothing. The only reason why she dedicated the website to the BET … Read more

The Girl of My Dreams

In every man’s life, he may have a rare opportunity to come across a girl that captures his attention, that stands out from all the rest, who inspires him, and amazes him, and is someone he can see himself having a life with, and makes him have the desire to commit. This girl is one in a few billion that … Read more

The Personal Boss

The one thing I enjoy about my job is that I mostly work by myself. I currently work at a university in an accommodation office, and I caption videos for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. I’m one of two captionists, so it’s nice to mostly be on my own, but I do have to report to my … Read more

Chaotic Universe

There are always those dreams we have, of being rich, of being successful, and we strive for those things our entire lives. Sometimes we get lucky and other times we have to work for what we want in life. I look at my life and I have helped build a successful empire. I am on the board of a large … Read more

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