Reading Habits that Lead to Success [Infographic]

Reading Habits of the Successful

Obama Reading

The most successful and wealthiest people in the world still read, on average, at least an hour a day. Many successful people are reading a variety of books including self-help, development, personal career enhancement, and even sci-fi and romance. People read for inspiration, to feed their hunger for knowledge or the thoughts of knowledge, or … Read more

Tips for a Productive College Life

How to Have a Productive College Life

Tips for Healthy College Life

A student’s life is one spent in a rush. Time spent with friends, time spent in lectures, time spent on books, time spent on chores, time spent on entertainment, and time spent asleep all have to be balanced for a successful and productive college life. Of course, that is hardly ever the case … Read more

Banned Books You Should Read

Read These Banned Books Today!

Banned Books IconThe banned books existed from the time of their occurrence and if you look at your book shelf, you will surely find some that for one reason or another, were censored. This article tells about the books that have been banned but that are definitely worth reading.


Ernest Hemingway “A Farewell to Arms”

This … Read more

Inspiring Stories About Famous Authors

Inspiring Authors and their Stories

Inspirational Writing Reading Authors

What inspired great writers and how they scheduled their working day. Hemingway wrote standing, Nabokov used the index cards, Vonnegut recharged with scotch and Murakami with sports. We bring you the most interesting evidence of outstanding writers, on how they created a working day that inspired them.


Ernest Hemingway: wrote standing on the skin Read more

13 Tips To Fall Asleep Faster [Infographic]

Tips For Falling Asleep Naturally

There are many things that determine our effectiveness and health. Getting quality sleep is one of the ingredients for better health and function and you can enjoy relaxed nights through some simple, yet powerful natural techniques. One of the techniques is to ensure that you sleep on a quality bed, and use the right beddings … Read more

Read A Book [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Read A Book

Get Lost in a Book!

Book Hug

You may already be an avid reader who gets through a book a week, a few books a week, or at least a book a month. You may even belong to a book club, in which you get together with a group of people and discuss the topics … Read more

Google SEO Starter Guide [Ebook]

Everything You Need To Know About Google Search Engine Optimization

Ever since Google began indexing billions of websites on the Internet, they developed algorithms for what would make websites more easily searchable in a Google search query. Many companies and businesses rose up to cash in on this SEO goldmine that Google had unintentionally created. There were plenty of corporations … Read more

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