My Horny Applebees Lunch

It all began innocently enough. I was trapped in the semi-suburban environment thanks to a work assignment. Like my ancient hunter-gatherer forbears, I searched for the land that would yield the safest food, but lo, the lunch choices were few: strip mall, big mall, strip mall, big mall. And then I saw it, clinging to the side of the big … Read more

To the women who work in my office… I hate you

Girl with the bright blonde weave who works in reception- I don’t know how you got your job, you are so uneducated it makes me sick. Did you graduate grammar school? I think I would respect you more if the answer to that is no. I want to throw a rock at your face every time I walk by when … Read more


She had been sitting in the sunny classroom when he got in right before the bell rang and sat in the empty seat beside her. She could not help but notice him. He was so good-looking with blond hair and the blue eyes that caught hers in a glimpse that lasted one second.

The teacher had her grey hair twisted … Read more

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