How Couples Divide Money [Infographic]

Division of Money Among Couples

Couple Sharing Expenses

When two people meet and fall in love, they may end up getting married. It usually starts off wonderful until they move in together, and the bills come in. Many years ago, most households were a single income, with the man being the primary breadwinner. The majority of households survived on a single household income.… Read more

Be More Aware Of Spending Habits [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Be More Aware of Your Spending Habits

Spending Habits Needs Wants

Most people spend money as if there was a tree growing in the backyard that they take from, not realizing that their spending habits are causing them to live paycheck to paycheck, often broke a few days before they get paid again. Some people have trouble properly budgeting and … Read more

Rising Costs of Cooling [Infographic]

Air conditioning ensures that the air inside your house remains cool, fresh and comfortable even while temperatures are soaring outside. Air conditioning is no longer a prerogative of only the rich.

Today, air conditioners are installed in more than 370,000 houses in Britain. America alone is reported to consume more energy for air conditioning than all other countries in the … Read more

Employment vs Unemployment

A valid question to those who work their asses off for what seems like nothing in return!

My experience is through a Canadian standpoint being at the low income side of a working class family. For anyone who is reading this from a non-Canadian standpoint, let me first explain quickly about our Child tax benefit. This is a tax credit … Read more

One Life, Old Man

Each day is a blessing in disguise. Our lives pass before our eyes in the blink of an eye. Life seems like a long existence to a human being, but to the universe, it hardly registers on any measurable scale to a 15 billion year old. Every person has a life full of history, full of lessons, full of experience, … Read more

To the Debt Collector Harrassing me at Work

Your voice is quite charming in a sleazy, condescending, I-Get-Paid-To-Harrass-People kind of way. You must be so good with the ladies – I can picture you on a date, with that deep “I am full of self-importance” voice, asking her “So am I to file you under deadbeat mistress because you won’t sleep with me after knowing me for an … Read more

Freelance Graphic Designer

A day in the life of a freelancer is an interesting life. I am a freelance graphic designer and freelance writer and I get requests to do work for people all the time. I will admit I’m nothing like Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex in the City, but I write amazing articles and stories. My life is never mundane … Read more

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