Beauty Tips From Ancient History [Infographic]

Beauty Advice From The Past

Spa Image

Beauty regimes and make up have been used since ancient civilisations to achieve the ideal look. Many of the lotions and make-up they used to be questionable to say the least and yet did you know that some of them are still being used in makeup and lotions we use today?

From the catwalk to … Read more

The Rise of Subscription E-Commerce [Infographic]

Rising Popularity of Subscription Boxes

Bark Box

Across the country, subscription boxes are arriving on people’s doorsteps at a growing rate. The number of categories that subscription boxes focuses on is increasing, including shaving products for men, beauty products for women, toys for children, an abundance of new products of mothers and their babies, and even a box for your dog! There … Read more

To The Sexy Women At Work, Thank You

There is nothing more distracting than sexy beautiful women. Sexy beautiful women with boobs. Sexy beautiful women with a gorgeous ass. This is not to say that you are completely distracting us from our work, and even if you are, thank you! You might say that this is the most offensive confession ever. It probably is but that’s not my … Read more

What Your Valentine’s Day Gift Says About Your Relationship [Infographic]

What are you getting for your darling this year? For single people, Valentine’s Day can mean either two things: Single Appreciate Day or I’m Single Day. It could also be argued that its just a Hallmark Holiday used to boost business for Hallmark. While this is true, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that people who are in a relationship … Read more

Confessions of a Fat Chick

Some observations from a 43 year old 5 foot 4 230 lb woman….

I have been working really hard at changing my life. I am down 35 lbs, up probably 10 in muscle. The first thing to vanish was my boobs and the last thing will be my frickin’ belly. I feel much better, my eyes are clear, my clothes … Read more

Caught in the Right Foot

I was a guy who hailed from a orthodox family and was brought up in discipline and all kinds of mannerisms. From childhood I was injected with nation growth and patriotism. Due to all this kind of upbringing, I decided to go into the special forces. But as a human being my soul always pushed me towards something artistic and … Read more

Service With A Smile For Everyone – Tips For Serving Customers With Disabilities

Whether you work in a restaurant, a beauty parlour, a library, an airport or a car dealership, you will likely encounter a customer with a disability at some point in your career. People with disabilities will travel, shop, enjoy community programs, do business and attend events, just like anyone else. If you work within a customer service role, it is … Read more