Why Men Shave [Infographic]

No Shave November

Ask Me About My Beard

As a man with the dexterity in genetics to grow a beard, I take pride in my beard when I am able to grow it, though growing a beard takes time, energy, and patience. For example, it takes several times shaving my face, which means I only shave my face several times a year, in order to … Read more

Christmas Incident

This incident dates back to Christmas Eve in the year 2010 while I was working for an IT based company. As the tradition had been that year also we had plans for the Christmas and it involved an uphill trip (to the nearby Hill station Shimla). As our company was still a start-up so we were just 10 employees but … Read more

Here Comes Santa Claus

About twenty years ago, when I still possessed the vitality of youth, I signed up with a kissogram agency. One of my first gigs was to play Santa Claus to the women who worked in the human resources department of a large computer company. I was booked for 4 o’clock, after they’d come back from their departmental Christmas lunch.

In … Read more