Bathroom Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

What Are You Doing In The Bathroom?

Bathroom Trend Open Space

There can be no doubt that bathroom is one of the most important parts of any establishments. From houses, hotels, restaurants, to hospitals, malls, and train stations, bathrooms are crucial to maintaining a safe, healthy standard of living in our society.

And true enough, many of us cannot start and end our days … Read more

How Colours Affect Your Mood [Infographic]

Colours And Your Mood

Psychology Colour Home

If you are considering redecorating your house, workplace or any other property you are probably thinking about which colours would work best. You might have an idea that a nice bright colour would bring some life to a room, or a clean white would add light to a space. But do you really know how the … Read more

Air Fresheners

This is intended to bring to the attention of all those responsible for marketing the various air freshening products that they have been overlooking a large and potentially lucrative market segment: The heterosexual male.

It started when I moved into my own place. Previously, I had lived with up to 6 other people, predominantly males. Now, anyone familiar with this … Read more

Bathroom Time! Private Time!

Dear Family,

First off, let me say that I love you dearly. If I possibly could, I would spend every moment for the rest of my life with you. As we live in the Los Angeles area, it is necessary that I work full-time outside the home. Between shuttling Son to school and other activities, working in a busy office … Read more

Secrets of the Bathroom

The subject is one that not many people dare to talk about. But it is something everybody does and knows about. Everyone who is alive has to use the bathroom. There is no secret that what we eat goes through us, our bodies use what is needed, and the waste needs to get dumped, causing us to have to use … Read more

Coffee At Work [Infographic]

Everyone has their pick-me-up at work. The obvious is coffee. Without coffee, they just don’t function at all. For others, they may prefer water or tea. And for me, a web designer, I don’t drink coffee. I prefer to get up, walk around, and mix quick oats and peanut butter with a banana at work. My drink of choice: Coconut … Read more

Garage Sale Etiquette

Hello buyers and thank you for coming to our garage sale.

I know our newspaper ad and signs say that we open at 7 am, but if you arrive at 6:00, go ahead and ring the doorbell several times and peer into the windows until we answer. We’ll open up early for you.

Feel free to show up with your … Read more

A Letter to the Only Working Toilet

Dear only working toilet in women’s bathroom:

Hi. It’s me: the girl that visits you at least three times a day from 8am to 5pm. I try not to. I try to avoid you until I get home, but I can’t. That is why you and I need to talk. I’m sure you are aware of your little problem. Your … Read more

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