Small Business Dreams [Infographic]

The Small Business Dream

Small Business Owner

People all across America have thought about their ultimate small business dream. What that one kind of business is you would want to own; restaurants, boutiques, even dog walking companies. But what are the most looked into small business types?

Bid-On-Equipment used Google search trends to see what types of small businesses people are looking into … Read more

Struggling Success of a Comedian

Most young comedians struggle to make it and the majority of them fail. Many of them work part-time or full-time in regular jobs and start cracking jokes on the side, appearing in bars or comedy clubs that will have them. If you go back to the younger years of Larry The Cable Guy, also known as Daniel Lawrence Whitney, you … Read more

Secrets of the Barista

As a part time job, I used to work in a bar which had an underground restaurant which only opened in winter. The bar was elegant and I enjoyed working there since everyone liked me and I gave great service. My boss was a man who was married and had two children, but was very suspicious. My colleague, Desi and … Read more