5 Soft Skills You Need for a Career in Finance

Happy Office Worker

If you want to make it in the finance world, you need technical skills and an education in finance, economics, or business. But while prospective employers will want you to possess the appropriate qualifications, they’re also going to want you to have the interpersonal skills that banks and firms need to attract and retain customers and stay ahead of the … Read more

To the Debt Collector Harrassing me at Work

Your voice is quite charming in a sleazy, condescending, I-Get-Paid-To-Harrass-People kind of way. You must be so good with the ladies – I can picture you on a date, with that deep “I am full of self-importance” voice, asking her “So am I to file you under deadbeat mistress because you won’t sleep with me after knowing me for an … Read more

How Not To Drink With Colleagues At Work

I work with one of the top reputed financial banks in USA. I had recently got my masters in Business Finance and was like a baby in the corporate world. All I knew was that I had to come on time, be dressed in sharp suits and always finish your work before time because the only time your boss remembers … Read more

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