How To Say No At Work [Infographic]

Knowing When To Say No At Work

Saying No

Achieving the right work-life balance is becoming more and more difficult as technology gives the opportunity to work from anywhere and at all hours.

With the ability to work at home, people have gotten into the habit of bringing their work home with them which throws off their work-life balance. While it may … Read more

4 Reasons To Choose Xfinity Over Other Cable TV Providers

Best Choice For Your Cable TV Provider

Xfinity Logo

Finding a cable TV service provider is definitely a choice which involves a great deal of thinking. When choosing a service that meets ones television entertainment expectations, one must think about channel selection as well as plans, internet availability and access, customer support and pricing. In our opinion, Xfinity is by far one … Read more

Making The Jump Into Fine Wine Investment

Follow These Tips For Investing In Fine Wine

Wine investment is a comparatively low cost way of starting an investment portfolio. Providing you have around ten thousand pounds to spare you will be able to start your own wine portfolio. Wine investment is one of the best performing investment assets over the last two decades. This is mainly due to … Read more

Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room

Michels & Taylor’s Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

A common problem often facing hoteliers is how to increase revenue per available room. Jesper Johansen, Revenue Director Michel’s & Taylor Managed Hotel division, has provided his tried and tested solutions to this age old problem.

Figure 1 - Jesper Johansen Revnue Director at Michel's & Taylor

Figure 1 – Jesper Johansen Revnue Director at Michel’s & Taylor

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