Cost Of A Bad Hire [Infographic]

Hiring Costs Of Bad Hires

Interviewing A Bad Hire

A bad hire can end up being more than just someone who doesn’t fit the job. It can become a productivity sinkhole, a source of added stress and a potential loss of customers. A CareerBuilder survey found that 75% of employers say they have made a bad hire.

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Most Instagrammable Festivals

The Festivals of Instagram

Ultra Music Festival Credit Kevin Verkruijssen 2016 Billboard
With festival season upon us, Accessorize have researched in to the most instagrammed festivals in the UK, US and Europe and plotted them on wanderlust-worthy maps.

Burning Man has hit the USA top spot with the most Instagram pictures taken in 2016 totaling in at a whopping 88,773 snaps. Yep, that’s more than 411 photos uploaded … Read more

Agile Training and Scrum Meetings For Workplace Productivity

How Agile Training and Scrum Meetings Can Increase the Productivity in your Workplace

Datrix Courses

Many companies must deal with rapidly changing requirements and using a systematic approach allows companies to handle this with ease.  Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile training software development framework for managing product development. Scrum helps companies:

  • Control schedules with ease
  • Estimate more effectively
  • Increase quality
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Using Music for Education Gap [Infographic]

Using Music To Close The Education Gap

Music Education School

Around the country, more and more schools are closing their music departments due to budget issues, claiming that music is not as important of a subject as mathematics.

Yet this infographic, created by Kent State University’s online Music Education program, highlights how music is actually a very important academic subject and can help … Read more

9 Ways To Have Effective Meetings [Infographic]

Ways To Make Sure You Have Effective Meetings

Business Meetings

“What a waste of time”. You’ll have heard it before or will have probably even said it yourself at some point and you would not be the only person to think or say it.

According to CT Business Travel, employees feel that as many as half of their monthly meetings are … Read more

Readiness Skills in the Workplace [Infographic]

It is often assumed that when you go to work, you know what you are doing. You are expected to have a specific skill set that renders you to be able to function in public, and more specifically, in a setting at work. High school does not really teach you these readiness skills, but it is expected as something you … Read more

Be Someone’s Hero

The look on his face was priceless. The watered flowed over his feet, then his legs before splashing on his chest. Pure joy, the kind of emotion money cannot buy.

This played out on Bondi Beach; it was a summer afternoon in mid December. The crowds as they typically do, frolicked in the searing hot sun seemingly unaware of each … Read more