How Couples Divide Money [Infographic]

Division of Money Among Couples

Couple Sharing Expenses

When two people meet and fall in love, they may end up getting married. It usually starts off wonderful until they move in together, and the bills come in. Many years ago, most households were a single income, with the man being the primary breadwinner. The majority of households survived on a single household income.… Read more

Open Letter From a Cop

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Allow me to introduced myself. I am a police officer. More importantly to this post, I am a police officer who is sick and damned tired of dealing with certain things on a day to day basis: 

1) Contrary to what you might think, I am not an idiot. That ring on my finger is a BA Read more

How To Make Decisions As Part Of A Team!

How To Make Decisions As Part Of A Team!

Usually there will be one leader (for example a manager of a supervisor) and his co-workers whom he manages. Often if the manager is left to make the ultimate decision and his team have discussed it and are happy to follow it, there is a consensus which is typically harmonious.

You can also approach decision making democratically whereby … Read more

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