The Basics Of Peer-To-Peer Recognition Programs [Slideshow]

Importance Of Recognition By Peers

Peer Recognition Feedback

Boosting productivity is at the top of every business’s priorities. Although there are many resources that businesses can use to encourage productivity and improve their competitiveness, too many of them think they need to look outside the organization for help. The truth, however, is that businesses already have the resources in place to boost their … Read more

Invest in Fine Wine

Want Good Medium To Long-Term Gains – Look At Investing In Fine Wine

Investing in fine wine can be a profitable and fun way to diversify your portfolio. If you are a connoisseur of good wine, a wine collection can be both an investment and a source of joy. Like any investment, there are risks, and your returns are never … Read more

A Quick Look at the Effect of Employee Recognition Programs [Infographic]

A key aspect of employee morale is the feeling that the work that employees are doing is recognized by superiors. A recent survey by FIS observed over 32,000 employees around the world and found some pretty interesting things about the effects of recognition programs.

  • There was about a 61% increase in the number of employees who felt appreciated and recognized.
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