The Revolutionary iPhone [Infographic]

The iPhone X

iPhone X Tweet

The iPhone, 10 years old and what a revolutionary product. Some tech experts predicted a crash and burn when the 1st Generation model was released, and some blissfully predicted the success it’s had.

Thanks Tim Cook for the new iPhone 8 and X (still to be released…) but most importantly, thank you to the legend himself … Read more

The Evolution Of The World Wide Web [Infographic]

World Wide Web – Then and Now


World Wide Web has now become an integral part of our existence. Right from the time, we wake up in the morning until the time we go to the bed; World Wide Web plays a major role in many of our activities- communication, shopping, work, and entertainment. There are people who start their … Read more

Facts About Your Favorite Brands [Infographic]

What’s Your Favorite Brand?

Who Owns Brands

There are certain brands which are so deeply integrated into our modern society that we consume them daily, sometimes without even realising.

Consider the likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Facebook or Google; even without their advertising, it would be hard to imagine 24 hours where we didn’t either physically interact with them or at least consume them … Read more

Fake Apple Watches [Infographic]

How To Spotting Fake Apple Watches

Apple Watch Hero

Top brand products are being faked all the time, however, there are some very obvious tell-tale signs of replicas when you know what to look for. This infographic shows how to spot a genuine Apple Watch from a clone.

From a distance a clone may look impressive, but on closer inspection you will find … Read more

Grim realities of Apple Inc.

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

Apple Inc. is famed to keep everything about its research and development (R&D) activities under tight wraps. The technology giant has incorporated a code of silence that is religiously followed by top executives to all the way by the retail employees.

However, there’s an exception – something that could cost the most valuable technology … Read more

How To Become A Tech Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur in any industry is exciting, but doing it a dynamic one such as technology brings a completely new range of possibilities and potential. The first thing any entrepreneur needs to decide is which specific avenue to take.

Most of the time, this will be decided by their individual area of expertise, or perhaps an area of technology … Read more

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