Air Fresheners

This is intended to bring to the attention of all those responsible for marketing the various air freshening products that they have been overlooking a large and potentially lucrative market segment: The heterosexual male.

It started when I moved into my own place. Previously, I had lived with up to 6 other people, predominantly males. Now, anyone familiar with this … Read more

Workplace Crush

Ok here i go… Cant talk to my friends about this so you are going to hear it…

First off i am engaged to a wonderful woman that i don’t want to hurt… That being said for the last 4 months i have had a crush on one of my subordinates. She is younger than me by 10 years and … Read more

The kind of landlord I am

1. Responsible for the weather
My building manager called to say one of the tenants wanted a discount for the days it was hot outside. Why? Because it was also hot inside. Their electricity is fine. They could run both air conditioners and fans and keep a supply of popsicles, just like I did in my apartment. My response: Will … Read more

The Third Floor

I’m just a girl, looking for excitement. I go to work all day in retail, and return home to my apartment, hang out, or go to the gym, maybe watch some TV, go out with a few friends every once in a while. Sometimes I pull double shifts. Welcome to my life, the single life. Sometimes you just need that … Read more

My Success in Cape Town South Africa

My life took some strange turns, but it all worked out for the better in the end.

This is my story that started in the year 1995.

My small family huddled together on a chilly spring morning at the train station. My father-in-law looked at me with soft green eyes full of concern and wished me well on my journey. … Read more

The Barking Dog

It was two years ago that I had come to this apartment. I had liked my flat at the first sight itself. I preferred peace and quiet and the flat provided just that. I was exuberant. Excited to start my new career and new life in this new place, I instantly got settled in. Anticipating the first day at work, … Read more

Under The Stairs

This happened many years ago when I was a younger man. I worked as a telemarketer for a well-respected company in North Dallas. Some of our clients were major employers from around the world.

One day, the company hired a married woman who lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in. We didn’t know each other until we … Read more

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