Restorative Sleep [Infographic]

Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep


You may want your work to stay in the office when you clock out for the day, but it often doesn’t happen that way. All the stress and anxiety that builds up over the course of a typical workday frequently comes home with us. That can mean we’re not getting a good night’s sleep … Read more

Protecting The Pros [Infographic]

The Protection Of Footballers

Footballers Mental Health

Sports persons are full of passion for their game and so are the Football players, but then the life of their career is very limited. With age & performance drop the soaring careers come to a fall.

Few take the strides cautiously during their prime years but some succumbs to their emotional turmoil. Few immature decisions … Read more

Real Facts About Coffee [Infographic]

Coffee Facts You Should Know

Coffee Ending

Coffee is one of the most pleasant and a mind boosting brewed drink. People love to drink coffee, as it helps them to think more clearly; coffee is the fantastic way to have pleasure and delightful glee. Coffee is also used as an energizer. Coffee, a symbol of love, elation, friendship and energy. According to … Read more

Phobias – The Facts [Infographic]

It’s human nature to have fears, but phobias are an extreme or irrational aversion to something. Worldwide phobias affect between five and ten people in every one hundred, and are commonly grouped into social phobias, agoraphobia and specific phobias.

Women are much more prone to have irrational fears than men, and nearly 4.25% of the world’s population is gripped by … Read more

Confessions of the Professions Turns One

Happy Birthday Confessions of the Professions!

One year ago, Confessions of the Professions was an idea that was born into a vision, a reality, and a website.

Beginning as a website that solicited confessions on Craigslist from anyone who was willing to write an article for free just to complain about their job, I saw the vision of Confessions Read more

Employee Happiness – Keep Your Staff And Colleagues Smiling

Employee Happiness – Keep Your Staff And Colleagues Smiling

The precedent of Monday mornings includes grey skies, traffic jams and general lethargy. It’s Monday morning. No other verbiage is required. So how do you turn those frowns into hardworking happy people? The answer is: You can’t. You’re not a miracle worker. But you can make your employees feel valued; you … Read more

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