Send Your Boss A Wake-Up Call

Tell Your Boss How You Feel While Remaining Anonymous

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If you ever worked a day in your life, chances are, you have loved every job you have had, every boss you have had, and every co-worker that you have worked with. You have never had any complaints, work is great, you love it so much that you … Read more

Sharing Your Work Life On Facebook

Can I get a place to bitch about my work life!?

Sharing Your Work Life Facebook: Fired by Facebook

If you are here on Confessions of the Professions, you have probably read some good juicy stories. If not, check the Confessions Archive and you will see plenty non-article-type confessions. There are plenty of people who have come here to share their stories and thankfully, we have never … Read more

Secret Emails

Note: due to the sensitivity of this confession, names have been changed for my protection.

When the health care industry started booming, a lot of “parking-lot-retail-patient-care-shops” started opening up. Many of these employed very recent graduates of “technology institutes,” “community colleges,” or “academies of medical colleges.” For all of these shops, there was actually always a real medical doctor’s name … Read more

The Office Crush

I worked for a company with great repute. I was single at that time and I was looking to hook up with someone but I didn’t have courage to ask my office crush out whom I liked in the office. After almost a month, I worked up the courage to do something about it so I wrote a sweet compliment … Read more

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