6 Rising Trends of Mobile App Development 2017

Mobile App Trends of 2017

Free Applications Mobile

According to the UN, more than 6 billion people worldwide own at least one cell phone. Humanity is going mobile whether we like it or not. In confirmation of this trend mobile app development market is said to reach $77 billion globally. So mobile app development is booming like never before. Moreover, it’ll not stop … Read more

Drive Business From Pokémon Go

Use Pokémon Go To Your Advantage


If you run a business in a high traffic area or even a slightly less populated area, but your area is known to have Pokémon surrounding it or have a Poke Stop, your business needs to use this to its advantage. If you are an employee, step up and start making suggestions for driving … Read more

Useful Communication Apps for Business [Infographic]

Communication Apps for Business

Business Apps Phone

During our working day, we are likely in constant communication. We might be communicating with our colleagues via instant message or the intranet or email; we are likely in contact with clients via phone or email or both; we get in touch with suppliers via text or email or phone etc. There are many options for … Read more

Selfie-Gif Applications For Android and iOS

If you are as crazy as me about pictures, videos, images and animations, than please don’t stop here. It is time that I bring you into a world fire for every photo-crazy person out there. The world of the selfie-gif!

Yes, you heard me right! They have finally integrated two of the most trending visual content items on social media: … Read more

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